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Move from being unclear, indecisive, and overwhelmed to






We all have those moments in life where we get consumed by our circumstances and can’t seem to find a way out of the darkness.

Whether we’re in despair or desperation over an extremely serious issue or plagued with a minor worry that nips at our heels everywhere we go – there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Confusion and worry are a natural part of life but there’s nothing in the rule books that say we have to stay in that state. 

Are you in the midst of a pressing issue and feel that you’re getting ready to collapse under the weight of it all?

Is there something you need to make a decision about but can’t seem to get off the fence?

Do you have an idea that keeps swirling in your mind and can’t figure out what to do with it?

Do you repeatedly see or hear the same things over and over again and aren’t sure what it means?

As your guide, my mission is to jump into this tunnel of darkness with you, no matter how dark, how long, or how wide and ignite the torch that will see you through to the end. Together, we’ll explore the layout of the land and develop intuitive and practical strategies to resolve the issue at hand.

Whether you’re just seeking a moment of clarity or you’d like someone to help guide you through til the end – I’m here for you.

No more wandering aimlessly through life hoping for the best.

I want you to imagine that you’re literally standing in that tunnel now. You have no idea which direction you should be heading. You’ve tried several solutions but can’t tell if you’re walking in circles, moving farther away, or getting closer to the light. The slightest bump in your being could send you in any number of directions. You never think to cry out for help because you feel as if you’re completely and utterly alone. That no one could save you anyway and would most likely get lost in that tunnel with you if they tried. And you don’t want that. Or maybe you fear being too vulnerable. Maybe you feel there’s a grand lesson in it and you must do it all yourself.

Now imagine that there is someone there with you. This someone has worked their entire life calibrating their inner compass. With a deep sense of knowing and a sensitivity to the slightest changes in the winds of life. With skill and experience in navigating the deepest, darkest tunnels. This “someone”, of course, is me.

It would be an honor if you allowed me to show you the many ways out of this tunnel. To locate exactly where you’re at on this journey and light a torch for YOU to carry.

If all you want is for me to bring you the torch and you navigate your own way out – there’s an option for that in a one-off session for quick clarity and guidance. Exploring the possibilities and options for whatever issue you’re faced with. This is approximately an hour session via phone or Zoom.
If you’d like for me to stick with you for a short time til you regain your equilibrium and let your eyes adjust to the new light – there’s an option for that with a 3-month package with 6-one hour calls, that includes unlimited email support and quick tips and tricks along the way that you can begin implementing and practicing.
And, of course, I’m there if you’d like an adventurous ally til the end. For this journey, while we’re navigating our way out of the tunnel, I’ll teach you tried and true methods for lighting your own torch, calibrating your inner compass, and developing the courage to explore the unknown. Once you’re out of the tunnel, what will you do? Life is never the same. How will you integrate what you’ve learned? How confident would you feel if you knew the next tunnel (trust me – it’ll happen again) would be just as easy to navigate and you have all the equipment you need to make it through to the other side? Did you know that it takes approximately 6 months for a new way of being or a new thought to fully take form? That’s why my biggest package is only 6-months! During that time, I’m confident that as long as you continue to carry the torch, the transformation will have taken place and a new adventure begins!  

Total Transformation

6-month package includes:

(12) Bi-weekly calls for intuitive and strategic sessions (Value: $1,044)

Unlimited access via email (maximum response time 12 hours)

75% off additional Oracle Readings  (Savings of $65 per session)


Personal Infinite Possibilities Manfestation Course (Value: $497)

Cosmic Map 12-month forecast  – Combines basic astrology, numerology, oracle, tarot, insight from me for each of the upcoming 12 months. (Value: $55)

Unlimited Intuitive Creative Guidance (Value: $33)