Insight & Infinite Possbilities Workshop

This is your invitation to breath life back into your dreams and begin living as the infinitely abundant being you are!

During this  6 weeks of intuitive insight and learning to create the life of your dreams you are  being beckoned by Spirit to embark upon an adventure to reunite and renew the infinite potential inherent within you.

  • If you’re stuck or overwhelmed,
  • Lost or unsure of your direction,
  • Experiencing lack or “not enough”…

Then this is for you!

Life is magical.

You are powerful.

Everyone can succeed – no matter whom, no matter what.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll dive into teachings based on the book Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley blended into a magical elixir with Visionary Catalyst Sessions and Oracle Readings.

Infinite Possibilties outlines the universal principles of positive thought that enable every person to thrive instead of simply survive. The program encourages people to examine beliefs and thoughts that have been limiting them and may be leading them to struggles and negative choices, and helps them to discover ways to redirect those beliefs and thoughts.

Visionary Catalyst Sessions are designed to spark the transformation you seek. Get clear on what you’re aiming for and learn to shoot for the practical possibilities that will lead you to what you previously felt was impossible. A look into your potential future and an easy-to-follow path to get you there!

Oracle Readings compliment the entire process by focusing on the here and now while you step into your power and into your dream life. They gently nudge you in the right direction and give insight into ways to stay motivated to keep going! Your growth and learning are the most important things for you on your path to living your dreams.

How it works…

  • You’ll receive the downloadable 94-page workbook that coincides with the Infinite Possibilities workshop that contains so much valuable information, exercises, and activities. Note: You do not need the companion book for the workshop but may purchase it if you’d like. Available on Amazon
  • At the beginning of each week, you’ll receive a short personalized oracle reading for your week ahead and what your primary focus should be for your highest good. (Value: $22/reading)
  • A private Facebook group with short daily training videos and activities (during weekdays with weekends used for catching up). Here you’ll be able to receive support and encouragement from me and the rest of the tribe and share your trials and triumphs in a safe environment. (Value: $499)
  • One private Visionary Catalyst session with me to get clear on where you’re heading and what will get you there. (Value: $87/session)

Starts August 21, 2017


And bring a friend for $50 more! Creating dreams is more exciting with friends!

Are you bringing a friend?