Client Raves

During my session with Angel, I shared how I felt like not moving forward with a group program I was offering because I had only 3 people who joined and there were only a few days left to register. I wanted at least 10 people in the group to ensure there were enough people on each group call to have discussions and felt doubtful that this would happen.

After tapping into her intuition, Angel shared that what she received was for me to continue moving forward with my offer and to let go of how many people joined. I decided to trust this information and continued promoting my program. I’m delighted to share that on the day the program started, I had the 9th person register so with me, there are 10 people in the group.

Thank you so much Angel. The guidance you received for me helped me break through a major block and for the first time in my business, I feel positive momentum happening and it’s very exciting!

Marisa Ferrera –

I had a reading with Angel and I can only say that it was mind blowing . Angel was spot on everything. What really amazed me is her ability to bring in detailed information combined with an extraordinary satellite view . She taps into the blueprint of your souls and project and because of that her insights are invaluable . I praise her readings and I do recommend her if you want clarity and someone who can break down for you your big life purpose into down to earth  and effective steps .

Mother Fana , transformational coach, healer, writer and artist ,

Angel is brilliant in how she can hone into the core of what is happening and how she describes what is being channeled to her and how she translated that to me. Her advice for my business was awesome. At the end of the reading I was empowered, excited and felt acknowledged and heard on all levels.

Margaret Saunders

I would recommend a session with Angel to anyone who is feeling scattered, lost, or in need of some clarity. She will lovingly guide you to your own inner voice, and help you determine which direction is best for you.

Latrelle Ross –

The Visionary Catalyst session I had with Angel was amazing! She was soo tapped into my business and confirmed that I need to change things around! She also told me my Business’s Soul animal, which was a kangaroo. At first I was thinking, I would never resonate with a kangaroo, but when reading more on their totem, it totally made sense. Now I can implement that energy into my business more. Thank you! I highly recommend working with Angel!

S. Chapman