About Me


“Everyone is gifted with a piece of the puzzle.”  

— Angel Fullerton, My Big Idea Book

With a lifetime of magical experience evoked from having no other choice than to learn all on her own, Angel has honed the intuitive gift of knowing how to express the essence of the soul of your business. She ably guides you with ease and grace, empowering you to tap into the bigger picture aligned with your truest path.

The time is now, Dear One, to follow your calling at a deeper level to help shift this planet through your gifts. This is why Angel is committed to helping you, an emerging female entrepreneur, step out of the practical way you’ve found yourself operating into full-on embodiment with the magical flow of the Universe. Through intuitively guiding you to the soul of your business Angel transcends into your sacred soul to transmute it’s knowledge into your  business manifesting your dreams to reality.

As a child Angel knew everybody and everything had a story to tell. From the ants marching the terrains of the Earth to the stars shooting across the cosmic sky; every leaf, pebble, raindrop and particle of light has a story to tell of the adventures through space and time. With the infinite possibilities for humans on Earth, when she was 15 she noticed a common question being asked,

“Who am I?”

Angel has her mantra, “I am an infinite being gliding through the adventures of space and time collecting the next chapter in the saga of the stories I’ll tell.”

Her mission is to enlighten you to begin manifesting abundance while creating your own personal mantra for Who You Are! She will share with you the vision from your soul so that you may see how grand and wondrous your life truly is. You are worthy of living your dream and in these moments having a powerhouse Goddess, Angel, guiding you through the trenches is what helps you achieve above and beyond your desires.

Angel Fullerton is a co-creator in the making of “My Big Idea Book”, a mother, wife, Spiritual Leader, maker of magical storytelling, intuitive with specialty in Oracle and Tarot card reading, a Visionary Catalyst Coach, active in her community through womens circles, leadership, and non-profit work, most of all an advocate for helping women create the life and business of their dreams.

With a Bachelors in Business Management and her certification as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, she has the ability to crystallize the manifesting process with ease and grace helping you learn how to co-create with the Universe in your business; which can be translated into your life.

Interested in seeing a real example of Angel’s magical ability to move an idea to reality? Check out Treasures From The Universe – a business that went from an idea, to implementation, to sales within a month!

You’ll transform from learning to live your life through intention, being on purpose and creating on your terms; helping you break free from fear, others judgements and opinions and your critical analyzing mind. The end result of her mission is helping you step into your best self to continuing manifesting the most epic business tailored to you. From her guidance you’ll begin learning to be your own catalyst for change, combined with Angel’s intuitive abilities, she will give you the tools and insight to reach for the cosmos at will.

Her message to you:

“I have stood at the mountain of fear, doubt, and struggle with no support system. We all come to these crossroads at one time or another being an entrepreneur, you have possibly found yourself in a similar situation. It was a painful process, that took me many years to overcome and I want you to skip the unneeded pain and move forward at light speeds compared to myself. From my own pain I created “The Magic Stream” method which provides a safe space to give birth to the new way of being you are in search of to create the magical business you desire. This sacred space we create together is my gift to the women I have the pleasure of helping, to have fun while building an unsinkable ship of Self and navigating into the ocean of possibility. We are not meant to do life alone so when creating a new life for yourself I will be your confidant, your sister, your guide, to help you find your truest path in this life. It’s time to live life on your terms and create a wildly successful business that resonates with your soul.”

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