Can You Hear It?

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At the age of 14, I suffered temporary head trauma from a car accident. (Gruesome alert! I was nearly scalped and almost lost an ear.) I blacked out during the accident and only remember immediately before and sometime after, when I was exiting the car. After recovery and healing, that “blank space” consumed my thoughts. What happened during that space of unconsciousness? Maybe I had died and that’s what death was like – NOTHING.

My soul obviously took up issue with this concept and set me off on a quest to find the truth. I studied every religion and spiritual practice I came across. A year later I stumbled upon tarot cards. I began studying and practicing in the privacy of my bedroom. I grew up in a family and an area where things of this sort were considered evil by most. Although I was a teenager, and rebellion was part of my job, this wasn’t about that at all.

It was the intrigue of being able to decipher an unspoken language that drew me in. To send out a plea to God for an answer and have it right there at my fingertips – a two way conversation. No longer being in the dark about what was really happening and what God really wanted me to know. My validation that there is so much more to life than meets the eye. The answer to that “blank space” was not death. It was simply being knocked unconscious from the impact and my brain shutting down to block out the overload of pain signals.

For nearly 20 years, I kept this knowledge mostly to myself, with only a couple of special people in the know. During that time, I continued to study any and all methods and modalities I could get my hands on. I learned that the Universe/God does speak a special language that anyone willing can hear.

It really is in the songs of the birds, the drifting of the clouds, the crossing of paths with animals. Can you hear it?

It’s in the numbers we so often use to count our time and money but can you hear it?

This voice is in the colors we use to create beauty around us. Can you hear it?

Even the scents of the flowers speak. Can you hear it?

There isn’t anything in existence that doesn’t speak. All things carry energy, a vibration. A message that is spoken to anyone willing to listen.

It wasn’t until recently that I “came out of the closet”. I found my tribe – the beautiful souls who loved, supported, and encouraged me to be authentically me. To share my gifts. To share my message:

I’m just a small town, country girl connected to the whole wide world energetically. Here to guide others out of the dark and teach them to hear the language of the Universe, trust themselves, and create the life of their dreams.

I’m gearing up to offer a workshop that blends all this together. I’ve put together a quick survey and if you’ll help me out – there’s a free 3 card oracle reading in it for you! Just fill in the info below…

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